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After reading the attachments, you will know this assignment is a work journal from Week2 – 8. The most important thing you have to mention in this paper is I interviewed our manager (class required, I attached interview below). The paper’s content should be specific related to Marketing area below……  

I also attached an WORK JOUNAL EXAMPLE below. It’s my previous paper from last semester. You can write same content with that. But change the words!! Don’t copy directly!!!

Background: I am studying a MBA program and also I am working at plastic surgery clinic as a graphic designer and marketing assistant in Arcadia, California, US. Because our doctor and most of the stuffs are original from China. So our main target market is Chinese and Asian…….My main job is advertising design (patients before and after photography and retouching, brochure design, price list design, promotion banner design, website content, email design, social media advertising design,) and assists our marketing team to cooperate with Chinese market(dealmoon, world journal).  

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