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Research Review (Outline And Annotated Bibliography)

This week you will begin to prepare for your final summative assignment by creating an organizational summary, outline and annotated bibliography. This assignment will have three parts.

Please use this organization: STAR OF HOPE  The web site is : 

Part one should be a 330 word essay that includes the name and description of the organization that is being assessed. You should clearly assess whether or not the organization is a non-profit or government organization and why you believe this. You should include in this section a one-paragraph description of your plan for your presentation. Use at least one scholarly source to support your assessment. 

Part two should be a detailed outline of your presentation. 

Part three of this assignment should be an annotated bibliography that will detail a minimum of five scholarly sources you plan to use for the presentation. Your annotations should include a description of the source as well as an explanation of how you plan to use the source in your presentation. Your sources must be scholarly. 

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