Pharmacology | Nursing homework help

You will be pre-assigned as a team to one of the following Units: Unit Six: Mental and Behavioral

Health Drugs; Unit Seven: Pain and Inflammation Management Drugs; Unit Eight: Antimicrobial

Drugs; Unit Nine – Immunologic Drugs; Unit Ten: Antineoplastics and Biologic Response Modifiers.

This is a 4-week activity. You will stay in your team for each of the weeks that follow.

Prepare a 15-minute Summary Presentation for class to include the following:

Summary of the Unit/Classification

Minimum of three types of drugs or supplements

Typical routes of administration

Common side effects and adverse effects

Special considerations

Common Nursing interventions

Teams must distill the material to only key points. The presentation may be a PowerPoint, lecture

and handouts, poster, or any way the team feels they will best present the information. Use your

textbook and Davis’s Drug Guide as your resources.

Teams collect points over the four weeks for their presentation. They are graded on their accuracy

and thoroughness of their presentation as well as how well they worked as a team. At the end of the

four modules, each team will be awarded an Olympic medal for the number of points earned.

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