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Working in a real estate office, it is important to maintain lists of the realtors, clients, and commissions earned. In this project, you will be creating new tables, modifying current tables, and creating queries, reports, and forms.


For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

StepInstructionsPoints Possible1Start Access. Open the downloaded file named yo_a_capstone_grader_data1.accdb. Save a copy of the database as yo_a_capstone_grader_LastFirst.02Create a new table named tblRealtors with the following fields and attributes; the primary key is RealtorID. Resize the columns as needed to fit contents.
Field Name           Field Type      Field Size      DescriptionRealtorID           Short Text      2                 Realtor IDRealtorFname    Short Text      20               First Name

RealtorLname    Short Text      20               Last Name

103Enter table records for the four realtors listed below, and resize the columns as needed to fit contents. Close the table.
RealtorID     RealtorFname     RealtorLnameAY               Angus                YoungBS               Bon                    Scott

DF               Daisey               Fuentes

IA               Ian                     Astbury

54Import the Contacts table from the downloaded yo_a_capstone_grader_data2.accdb database.95Rename the table as tblClientList. Change the ID field name to BuyerID.56Change LastName to BuyerLname and FirstName to BuyerFname. The field size for each should be 25characters.47Change the field size for City to 25 characters and State to 2 characters.48Change Phone data type to Short Text, field size 14, and apply the Phone Number Input Mask that stores the data with the symbols. Resize the columns as needed to display the data.69Define a relationship between the tblRealtors table and the tblHomesSold table and enforce Referential Integrity.510Define a relationship between the tblRealtors table and the tblClientList table, enforce Referential Integrity. Save and close the Relationships window.511Add a new realtor to the tblRealtors table: RealtorID MK, RealtorFname Mac, and RealtorLname Kinsey. Change the RealtorID to MK in record 10 (SaleID 10) of the tblHomesSold table.412Create and save a simple query named qryTexasHomeSales. All fields from the tblHomesSold table should be included.1013In Design view, set the criteria so that only Texas (TX) homes that were sold are shown in the query results. The records should appear in descending Selling Price sequence. Run, save, and close the query.414Create and save a query named qryTopRealtorCommissions. The query should include the realtor’s last name, and selling price of each home sold. Sum the selling price of homes sold by each realtor.615Use Builder to create a calculated field named Commission which is equal to the selling price * 0.20 and format the data as currency. Display the total commission earned by each realtor (summarize the commission data by realtor last name).516Only the realtors with total commission in excess of $150,000 should be included in the query results. The records should appear in descending order by total commission. Run, save, and close the query.517Create a blank report named rptRealtorDirectory, selecting the fields in this order: RealtorLname, RealtorFname, and RealtorID. Sort the report by RealtorLname.518Create a form named frmBuyerContactInformation using the tblClientList. Include all fields, in a columnar layout.619Delete Angus Young from the tblRealtor table and any associated tables. Update queries, reports, and forms to account for the deleted entries.220Close all database objects. Close the database, and then exit Access. Submit the database as directed.0 Total Points 

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