Nursing – evidence based practice poster and presentation (apa format


Individual Assignment-

Evidence Based Practice Poster and Oral Presentation

Objective: To help nursing students become accustomed to searching the literature for evidence that supports nursing practice, and to polish poster and oral presentation skills. This is an individual assignment.

Task: You are an experienced nurse who just signed a contract for a staff position at Passaway General Hospital. On your first month at work, you notice a few questionable nursing practices that you learned to do differently at your previous place of employment. As a BSN-prepared nurse, your unit manager has asked you to review the best evidence on the topic and create an A/V poster presentation for your colleagues on the unit. He has asked you record your presentation using YouTube so both night and day shifts can view it at their convenience.


 Nursing uniforms for proper identification 


1. Choose a topic  Nursing uniforms for proper identification 

2. Review nursing, medical, and evidence-based practice literature related to your topic, following guidelines from the rubric to ensure you obtain information that addresses each section of the rubric.

3. Critically appraise the evidence you have located (refer to textbooks for instructions).

4. Synthesize information into the following areas using the rubric as a guide: 

Purpose, Introduction, Search Methods, Findings (includes research literature and nursing guidelines) Nursing Implications, Conclusion

4. Create a Professional Poster: Create a professional scientific poster in MS Powerpoint, to be saved as a computer file (you do not need to have it printed) using a scientific poster template. Poster templates can be downloaded from many sources. Here are a few suggestions.

Use How to Create a Professional Poster in resources, as your guide for spacing, text size, headings, and content in your poster. Poster examples are also located in the resources tab.

Please Note: A good oral presentation should address each of the areas of the rubric below. However, your poster should not contain, word for word, everything in the rubric. The purpose of the poster is to highlight and summarize the information. 

See attachment for instruction details and Grading Rubric

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