Job search | Management homework help

As you are nearing the completion of your Associate degree, it’s time to start searching for jobs in your field that you may interested in obtaining. Before you begin searching for your dream job, it will be important that you thoroughly conduct the necessary research to ensure that you understand the occupation, requirements, salary expectations, and steps to getting hired.

When conducting research on your chosen career, it’s important that you use accurate and reliable sources, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For your discussion:

You will need to visit Scroll towards the bottom and locate the “Career Information” section. Select the “Occupational Outlook Handbook” option to begin your search. Locate and explore an occupation that you are interested in.

Describe the occupation that you researched; in your own words, summarize the role. What is the education level required to secure a career in that field?

Discuss the median pay, how to become or get a job in that field, and the job outlook.

In addition, include why you found this job to be of particular interest to you. Be Specific!

Then provide thoughts and feedback on one other student’s post. How were your thoughts and ideas similar or different? Be specific!

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