Hrm634 week 2 discussion | HRM634DLAU1P2021 Planning and Staffing | Park University

Unit 2: Discussion


Employment Laws-No need to fear-HR is here! Focus on selecting the most qualified applicant, apply the structure, and legal compliance will follow!

 Unit Learning Outcomes

  • Implement requirements of staffing system under employment laws. (1)
  • Examine validation requirements for disparate impact. (1 & 2)


Answer BOTH of the discussion questions, and respond to at least 2 peers. Include at least 2 outside sources in your postings for full credit.


Discussion Questions

1.Select a recent court case related to disparate impact, and explain what the organization could have done differently to prevent discrimination.

2. Choose either negligent hiring or sexual harassment. Discuss the organization’s requirements under the law and any recommendations you have for the organization when developing policy.

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