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   1  )Compare the Egyptian hieroglyphic and Mesopotamian cuneiform writing systems?

2 ) Describe North Africa before it became the Sahara Desert. What evidence is there that is hasn’t always been desert?

3)  Discuss Egyptian religious beliefs and death rituals?

4) Briefly discuss the impact of geography and the effects caused by the isolation of America in relation to the development of civilization in America. Use specific examples from Mesoamerican and Andean civilizations?

5) As a historian writing about the Indus River Valley, you would depend on archaeological research. How would you describe that civilization?

6) What are the different theories on the collapse of the Indus Valley civilizations?

7) Compare the Persian Empire with Alexander’s. What factors accelerated the rise of these empires and facilitated their decline? Discuss whether the rapid rise of these empires contributed to their similarly rapid fall.

8)  Describe the problems that led to the Roman Empire’s “third-century crisis.”  How was the crisis resolved and what were the consequences of that resolution?

9) Both Rome and China were large, diverse and heavily populated empires at the beginning of the Common Era (CE). Compare the two, and contrast Romanization with Qin and Han strategies for creating social and cultural unity?

10) Around 1200 B.C.E. the eastern Mediterranean world suffered enormous destabilization. What brought about such dramatic change?

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