History homework | American history homework help

Questions to Consider

  • What was the historical context of the Order?
  • Why did FDR issue the Order? What were his goals?
  • How and why were Japanese Americans targeted while not being labeled explicitly in the Order?
  • Presidents have a duty to act in the best interest of the American people.
    • Did the president violate the U.S. Constitution with this Order?
    • Did the president act in the best interest of the American people?
  • In what ways does this Order (its meaning and significance) speak to the problems and possibilities of the present?
    • In other words, why is this history valuable for us to understand today?

Academic Research

In addition to the provided document, you MUST utilize at least one (1) primary source and one (1) secondary source (you must use at least one (1) book for your secondary source or three (3) academic articles). 

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