Foundations of public relations | Marketing homework help

 The Chocolate Museum of Barcelona wants to increase the number of visitors  (including locals and tourists) by a 15% during the period July-December 2021.  

Please design a PR program( SOSTAC model)  to achieve this SMART objective. 

The program  needs to include at least 3 activities that can achieve EARNED MEDIA (the  involvement of the target audiences + Word of Mouth in social media + coverage  in traditional target media). 

 There is no budget (but keep in mind that budget is not unlimited, and that any  investment must be optimized).  Format This activity must meet the following  formatting 

requirements:  

 Font size 12  


 1.500 words  

 Harvard Referencing System  

 Goal(s) To develop a full Public Relations program following the SOSTAC model.

  Learning  outcomes  

 Analyze and apply key concepts and theories of public relations to realworld business challenges.  

 Demonstrate how public relations enhance the relationships between an  organization or an individual and their audiences.   

Differentiate strategy from tactics.  

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