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Take two of the three main ideologies discussed in the readings (liberalism, conservatism, socialism) and compare and contrast them on two of the following three dimensions: (i) their take on the importance of individuals vs. the society; (ii) their take on property; (iii) their take on equality. Suggestion: Focus on the Chapter 11 of A history of Europe in the modern world

No longer than half a page, single spaced, using standard margins and a font size of 12 (300-400 words max). Do not quote directly. 

(1) Write in essay format. This means full sentences, correct grammar structure, and correct spelling of words.

(2) Make an argument. It is often useful to state your argument explicitly to help provide structure for the rest of the paper (and this helps the reader to better understand your position). For example, including a sentence like “I argue/posit/etc. X” early in the paper is quite useful.

(3) Use good structure. One reliable paper structure is as follows: (i) catch the reader’s attention and clearly outline your argument in response to the prompt. (ii) provide 1-2 paragraphs that support your argument using direct citations to the text, briefly addressing evidence that contradicts your argument. Do not rely solely on direct quotes from the text here — instead, develop your own argument and bring in citations to support your position as appropriate. (iii) Conclude with a few sentences: you might use these to simply summarize your position, briefly relate the prompt to wider historical context, mention why the prompt is such an important topic to consider, etc.

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