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Stress is something that happens to all of us. Some people experience occasional stress and for others, it is a daily occurrence. There is also such a thing as good stress, which can help with motivation, focus, and energy. For example, if you play a sport and you have a big game against a rival team, this kind of stress can be used to perform better. Bad stress causes anxiety, worry and can lead to serious issues if not managed. Psychological stressors include conflicts in relationships, work responsibilities, financial strain, losing a loved one, and health problems. These stressors can cause biological effects like a rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, insomnia, and fatigue. Some of the psychological effects include anxiety, depression, and ruminating thoughts. Psychosocial effects would be changes in behavior, withdrawal from social events, frustration, and self-medication. 


Schneiderman, N., Ironson, G., & Siegel, S. D. (2005). Stress and health: psychological, behavioral, and biological determinants. Annual review of clinical psychology, 1, 607–628.

6) G.S   Topic 3 DQ 2 

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Stressor have a major influence upon mood, our sense of well-being,behavior and health. There area various situations that tend to elicit different patterns of stress responses also there are individual differences in stress responses to the same situation .In variety of situation, some individuals tend to show stress responses associated with active coping, and others tend to show stress responses more associated with aversive vigilance(Schneiderman, Ironson,& Siegel, 2005))

A studied stressor in children, and adolescent are exposed to violence,abuse(sexual,physical,emotional or neglect),divorce/marital conflict. Psychological effects of maltreatment /abuse include the dysregulation of affect.Survivors of childhood sexual abuse have higher level of both general distress,and major psychological disturbance including personality disorder(Polusny,1995).with biological responses to stressors there are two kinds of responses ,Acute stress and Chronic Stress.

Acute Stress responses in young, healthy individuals maybe adaptive and typically do not impose a health burden,however the long term effects of stressors can damage health,with the relationship between psychosocial stressors and disease is affected by the nature number, and persistence of the  stressors as well as by the individual biological vulnerability(Schneiderman, Ironson,& Siegel, 2005))

Chronic stress is particularly problematic for elderly people for the reason of the gradual loss of immune function associated with aging. Moreover, psychosocial stressor can be impact in cardiovascular disease,upper respiratory disease, human Immunodeficiency  Virus,Inflammation the immune system and physical health. There are so much that psychosocial stress can have negative impact in our health(Schneiderman, Ironson,& Siegel, 2005)

Polusny MA, Follette VM. Long-term correlates of childhood sexual abuse: theory and review of the empirical literature. Appl. Prev. Psychol. 1995;4:143–166. 

Schneiderman, N., Ironson, G., & Siegel, S. D. (2005). Stress and health: psychological, behavioral, and biological determinants. Annual review of clinical psychology, 1, 607–628.

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