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Bivariate Correlations


Before you respond to this board you must have a basic understanding of Bivariate Correlations. This is a relatively simple and common statistical technique. The understanding of correlations provides a basis for the understanding of many higher level statistical models.

Using your Huck text as a reference and starting point, identify two hypothetical variables you are interested in a relationship between (they can be variables from your dissertation). Then provide the following information:

Variable Name 1: operational definition (i.e., how you will measure the variable)

Variable Name 2: operational definition

Remember, correlations only measure the RELATIONSHIP or association between two variables; it does NOT measure cause and effect. With that in mind provide the following:

Based on the hypothetical variables of interest, why are you measuring the relationship between these two variables?

What do you expect the outcome to be?

What would you expect the Direction and Strength of the relationship between the two variables to be and why? (e.g., negative and moderate; positive and high).

book reference 

Huck, S. W. (2012). Reading statistics and research (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson EducationInc. Companion Website -http://www.readingstats.com/Sixth/index.htm

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