Discussion question (managerial economics course)

● Reading:  

Book:  Baye, M. R., & Prince, J. T. (2017). Managerial economics and business strategy (9th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.   ISBN 978-1-259-29061-9

o Chapter 13: Advanced Topics in Business Strategy

o Chapter 14: A Manager’s Guide to Government in the Marketplace

Discussion Question (The prerequisite for CLA, the requirement for CLA is listed below).  

This discussion question will help you prepare for your CLA paper, Read the below CLA assignment listed. Then, please provide an outline that itemizes the concepts that you will include in your CLA paper. Please be sure to include concepts learned in the course.  Provide some brief details for each item that is outlined.  

For the discussion board, Professor required 3 paragraphs, and at least 1 peer-reviewed reference.  Thank you. 

The CLA requirement is in the attached file.  Thank you. 

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