Cultural studies multi-part question | English homework help

 I’m working on a cultural studies multi-part question and need an explanation to help me study.discuss your experience with cultural pluralism as related to the entertainment industry, which has been introduced in this module. For example, what have been your most memorable experiences when experiencing the entertainment industry? Do you perceive that you and/or your ethnic group have been valued and appreciated in the entertainment industry because of the diversity that you represent, or have you and/or your group been discriminated against because of the diversity that you and your group represent? For example, who gets the Oscars, Tonys, MOTY (Model Of The Year), Golden Globe awards and others? Are they consistently, or in large measure, received by members of your group or some other group? Share whatever examples you feel comfortable sharing with respect to the entertainment industry. This discussion will be substantive and informative if you share what your experiences have been and how these experiences made you feel.You may have had personal experience as an entertainer in this industry. Please feel free to share your experiences if you have worked as an entertainer in this industry. Please feel free to share your experiences as a consumer in this industry: consider your experiences as a patron, i.e., you buy entertainment (Netflix, videos, cable, etc.).If you do not have personal experiences to share (which is highly unlikely given our penchant for entertaining ourselves), please share the perspectives of friends or family members (your children, nieces, or nephews, mother, father, sisters, or brothers, etc.) as they relate to the entertainment industry (please do not mention their names unless you have permission to do so).PLEASE, try to answer the questions. Requirements: one page 

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